I often find a place with no name valuable
Taking a walk in Scafati before sunset
Evening life
Looking down the Taormina sea
The Godfather brought me to Sicily
The neighbor merges into the landscape
When I felt someone's attention
Cactus, Parasol and Pastels
The white maze
Red T-shirt
Procida island
Procida island
Fisherman knows his home by its color
Spacca Napoli
Street in Naples
Chicken shop despite its appearance
Freshly made Polenta, a dish of cornmeal
A Boletus freshly picked while trekking
Realizing a vast variety of pasta existing
Pleasant morning in Bassano
They sun bath, I foot bath
Colori is colors.  How cute that sounds.
Beautiful gate of the old town in Verona
An immediate excitement hit me
I looked for a bridge to feel every sunset
Having a flashback of a movie
Curiosity and questions started to arise
Ponte Vecchio before sunset
Visited many adorable churches in Rome
Orange arches
University in Bologna
The most beautiful beach I've ever seen
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