My Berliner grandpa at his fabric shop
 I got registered in the German course day
Spent €12 on this monster photo booth
Red is her color
One unforgettable snowy day
Small treasures from the flea market
Always hastily go out in sunny mornings
Everyday view
Didn't notice you guys until this rainy day
A note at apartment says it's my birthday
Crystal clear canal like a mirror
My drawing made a collaboration
Lakes are better than the beach in Berlin
At the center of the lively Turkish market
Melody of memory
Unité d'Habitation
Canoes tell us the beginning of summer
Letters on my collaged papers
Night mountains like the starry sky
Turkish market in Kreuzberg
Botanical garden
The world's smallest disco
Heading to a dog's birthday party
Berlin has many forests so do owls
Art has no rules
Rather like the unfinished one
His room, his style
Finding my favorite christmas decoration
Facade of the old closed shop
My Berlin home
Reichenberger Straße
Escaping from the new years eve insanity
Wedding starting to color
Café in Tiergarten I've been wanting to go
Curious to look at other's hand writing
Ruo brings flowers for a friend
The forest was my very first hangout
French restaurant brought me the magic
Stopping by the F bar on a freezing night
Wall display inspiration
The condominiums in Berlin are unique
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